Woodrise 2022 features sessions for participants to engage with EU-funded research and development
projects addressing mass timber resources, design, and safety.

Timber on Top

Extensions, extensions with bio-based, prefabricated building systems, circular business models for building
reuse in collaboration with actors from across the value chain.

Innovative Design for the Future Use and Reuse of Wood (Building) Components

Reuse wood as a structural material through analysis of past experience to inform future solutions, problem identification, technical solutions, and knowledge transfer.

Building Energy Renovation Through Timber refabricated Modules

A less intrusive, prefabricated solution for renovation that improves energy performance, air quality, aesthetics, comfort, and property value.

Proactive Synergy of Integrated Efficient Technologies on Buildings’ Envelopes

New solutions for more comfortable, efficient and seismic-safe homes with a user-centered approach.

Dynamic Response of Tall Timber Buildings Under Service Load

Quantification of the structural damping in as-built tall timber buildings (TTB) and dissemination of findings via a TTB Design Guideline for design practitioners.


e-SAFE is an affordable approach to building renovation that employs technical innovations, novel financing, and upskilling to create deep energy efficiency and seismic safety.

Sustainable Wood Construction for Rural Development and Urban Transformation

Demonstration of optimized wood construction chains that foster rural development and urban transformation while staying connected to Europe’s sustainable forest management.


Timber construction expansion through high-quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly housing to address urban growth and climate change.

Delivering Fingertip Knowledge to Enable Service Life Performance Specification of Wood

A protocol for software that allows users to embed wood’s service life performance to expand market uptake and optimize the material within the built environment.

Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing

Supports Europe’s aging population with open platform, integrated digital assistance to enhance independence, safety, and quality of life.